What To Ask Your OB/GYN at Your First Prenatal Visit

pregnant young woman consulting obgyn in medical clinic

Learning you’re pregnant can be exciting, overwhelming, scary, and a whole collection of other emotions simultaneously. During your first few weeks, you’re probably full of questions about what to expect, what to do, and how to get ready for the newest addition to your family. When you’re getting ready to see your OBGYN, you can put your mind at ease by asking questions during your prenatal visit. 

Questions To Ask Your OBGYN Physician During Your First Prenatal Visit

It’s essential to contact your healthcare provider when you suspect you may be pregnant. For healthy pregnancies, women visit their OBGYNs 12 to 14 visits on average throughout the year. By scheduling your prenatal visit, your physician will perform ultrasounds, prenatal genetic testing, and other risk assessments to ensure you are safe and healthy. 

Your prenatal appointments are the best time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with your pregnancy. While seeing your healthcare provider before you get pregnant is best, your physician will keep you updated on vaccinations and medications and help manage pre-existing medical conditions throughout your pregnancy to help you deliver a healthy newborn. 

So, put your mind at ease, and bring this list of must-ask questions to your first prenatal appointment: 

  • Can we discuss my birth plan? 
  • What type of prenatal vitamin supplements should I take? What supplements should I avoid?
  • What over-the-counter medications are safe, and which ones should I avoid? 
  • What foods should I avoid? What foods should I try and eat more of? 
  • Am I predisposed to certain medical conditions or complications? 
  • Is sex safe during pregnancy?
  • What vaccinations should I get?
  • What are forms of exercise okay during pregnancy?
  • What pregnancy symptoms should I look out for that are abnormal or require an emergency?
  • How do I manage normal symptoms, such as morning sickness?
  • What should I expect during labor and delivery? 
  • What’s your position on inductions? Scheduled c-sections? Delayed cord clamping? Episiotomies? Epidurals?
  • What screenings or tests do I need throughout my pregnancy?
  • How much weight gain is normal during my pregnancy? 
  • What’s the best method and time of day to contact you for questions? Who should I call in case of an emergency?
  • Who can I contact for additional pregnancy support? Parent training? Breastfeeding? 

Although this list of questions can seem exhausting, your first prenatal appointment is typically the longest appointment you’ll have, and it needs to be conducted in person. Throughout this time, you’ll speak with your physician about your medical history, other parents’ medical history, and your family medical history to help keep track of pregnancy risks that may affect your health, including gestational diabetes, macrosomia, and maternal obesity. Physicians typically schedule their first prenatal appointment during the first 8 to 9 weeks of pregnancy, so don’t be afraid to contact your physician!

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