Complex Family Planning

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Complex family planning works to help women in medically, and surgically complex situations receive the obstetric care they need. As a unique aspect of our practice, our complex family planning subspecialists treat women through advanced levels of care to improve the safety and reproductive outcomes of women facing complex health problems. 

How Complex Family Planning Helps More Women

Complex family planning focuses on women facing various comorbidities and exasperated illnesses who are at risk of pregnancy or have unintended, unwanted, abnormal pregnancies that pose risks to women. Through this subspecialty, patients can receive more options for their pregnancies to protect their health and can seek appropriate consultations with our specialists for advanced surgical and medical treatments. 

As obstetric care becomes more complex over time, complex family planning addresses these concerns more directly to manage early pregnancy complications. Our complex family planning subspecialists work with the latest endocrinology, pharmacology, and surgical techniques to deliver the safest and highest level of care, regardless of the patient’s diagnosis. 

We aim to balance each person’s medical history with their desire or need to avoid or delay pregnancy.

We offer a broad range of complex family planning services, including: 

  • Birth Control: Our birth control options include various types, including IUDs, pills, emergency contraception, ring, implants, and patches. 
  • Complex Contraception Options: Patients facing chronic medical conditions can find alternative options for contraception when traditional methods don’t provide results or interfere with their health.
  • Pregnancy Testing and Counseling: Our clinic can perform pregnancy tests and provide pregnancy counseling under our complex family planning treatments to provide them with options for their care. 
  • Abortion Pill: Also known as a medical abortion, the abortion pill can be provided as an emergency contraception or as a planned abortion for pregnancies eight weeks or less. 
  • Surgical Abortions During the First or Second Trimester: Under California law, surgical abortions can be performed until viability or when the fetus has developed enough to survive outside of the uterus, usually around 24 to 26 weeks of pregnancy. 
  • Sterilization: Our clinical can also provide sterilization options, including tubal ligation, to prevent pregnancy onset permanently for women with high risks. 
  • Miscarriage Management: In the event of a miscarriage, our physicians can provide compassionate support for our patients by providing support groups, mental health therapy, and more for their well-being. 

Why Choose Summit Women’s and Wellness Medical Group? 

As a women’s wellness practice serving the San Bernardino, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties, Dr. Renee Obey and her team provide over 20 years of experience helping women receive the care they need most. Our team of women’s wellness and aesthetic specialists can offer extensive care for you when you are facing comorbidities and other health risks. For more information, call us at 909-736-9091 to schedule an appointment, and we’ll be happy to provide our complex family planning services.