Weight Loss

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While there is a certain amount of truth to losing weight, as simple as “eat fewer calories than you burn,” that’s just the beginning. This age-old approach can be complicated by our metabolism and other details about how the human body uses stored energy. Summit Women’s And Wellness Medical Group is dedicated to helping our patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and accomplish their weight-loss goals. This all starts with understanding some of the complexities of weight loss.

Learn About Weight Loss And Get Help With Summit Women’s And Wellness

Those trying to get healthier often talk about their goal of “losing weight.” However, this typically is different from the actual goal. Instead, these individuals strive to lose fat, which is different from losing weight. The first thing to know is that fat is an important part of how our bodies function. It’s our body’s way of storing excess calories for when food is scarce. Unfortunately, these periods of scarcity aren’t common in our modern world. Worse, our foods are quite rich in fat and sugar, and thus excess calories, and thus ample opportunity to keep gaining.

Breaking down stored fat requires encouraging the body to break it down and send it into the bloodstream, where it can be used. It’s only once it’s released in this way that our body’s cells can use it. These two processes are separate in the body, but both must occur for fat elimination to occur. This is where the problem comes in, and “eat less than you burn” becomes complicated.

Each individual’s capacity for releasing body fat from fat cells is different. The less efficient their body is at performing this process. The more difficult it is for them to lose weight. They never get to stage 2, where the cells use the energy from the fat. For these individuals, Summit Women’s And Wellness Medical Group is here to help determine the factors needed to stimulate this process.

Some everyday things that impact our ability to lose fat include:

  • Hydrolyzing Fat – There’s little as crucial to losing fat as ensuring you get enough water. Water interacts with triglycerides to release glycerol and fatty acids. This is an essential step in burning food-sourced fat.
  • Fat-Releasing Enzymes – Lipase is a hormone-sensitive enzyme that breaks free fatty acids from lipid cells. This permits them to enter the bloodstream, where they can be used. Keeping your blood sugar down and performing aerobic exercise stimulates this process.

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If you’re looking to finally start overcoming your weight-loss struggles, it’s time to reach out to our team of experts. You can reach us at 909-736-9091 to schedule your first visit to our facility at 10801 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Losing body fat is one of the most important things you can do to help preserve the lasting health of your body and prevent health complications down the line. We look forward to joining you on your weight loss journey and helping you achieve your goals.