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As a subspecialty, urogynecology works to study and treat pelvic floor disorders in women. At Summit Women’s and Wellness Medical Group, we provide urogynecology services to guide you through your health concerns through personalized care. 

How We Provide Our Urogynecology Services

Our urogynecology providers are board-certified and keep up to date with the latest advances and techniques to treat common pelvic floor conditions. Problems such as urinary incontinence are often sensitive topics for women, and our experienced team offers a multidisciplinary approach to treatment that listens to and respects our patient’s wishes. Our urogynecology services include:

  • Diagnostic Evaluations: During your consultation, our teams can perform advanced, real-time evaluations to pinpoint diagnoses such as urinary incontinence, overactive bladders, pelvic prolapse, and pelvic pain. After diagnosis, our team will further consult with the patient to help them proceed with a treatment plan. 
  • Pelvic Floor Counseling: Throughout your time with Summit Women’s and Wellness Medical Group, our providers can provide extensive counseling on pelvic floor disorders to help inform you about your options. 
  • Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments: Our providers specialize in a variety of treatment options for pelvic floor disorders. Through our robust offers of non-surgical, minimally invasive, and surgical interventions, we can help assist you in getting a better-functioning pelvic floor. 

Some treatment options we can provide for patients include:

  • Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery: Pelvic reconstructive surgery includes laparoscopic, robotic, and vaginal approaches to restore the organs back to their original position. 
  • Endometrial Ablation: Endometrial ablation removes the endometrium layer that lines the uterus to help reduce heavy bleeding and other symptoms caused by endometriosis. 
  • Hysterectomy: Hysterectomies remove the entire uterus and can be a vital option for those faced with ovarian cancer, heavy menstrual bleeding, and treat pelvic inflammatory disease. 
  • Nerve Stimulation: For women with an overactive bladder, percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation stimulates the posterior tibial nerve to help retrain the nerves for better bladder and pelvic floor control. 
  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: Pelvic floor physical therapy uses physical therapy techniques to help relieve symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and work to retrain the muscles back to their supportive strength. 
  • UTI
  • Overactive Bladder Treatment
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Bladder Prolapse Evaluation and Referral

Why Choose Our Center For Your Urogynecology Care? 

Through our wide range of board-certified obstetricians, gynecologists, and women’s wellness specialists, we are here to help you on your journey toward better pelvic floor function and relief. Our practice strives to empower women through education, providing up-to-date treatments in a warm, comfortable environment. We offer both in-office and virtual appointments, alongside virtual classes and support groups to provide services such as disease prevention, sexual health, menopausal health, nutrition, and more.

As a women’s wellness practice serving the San Bernardino, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties, Dr. Renee Obey and her team provide over 20 years of experience helping women receive the care they need most. For more information, call us at 909-736-9091 to schedule an appointment, and we’ll be happy to provide our urogynecology services.