Preventative Care

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As breast cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of mortality among women ages 20 to 59 years worldwide, preventative care and screenings are vital for catching conditions like breast cancer at early, manageable, and treatable stages. At Summit Women’s and Wellness Medical Group, our physicians can provide preventative care screenings, visits, and other services for women to catch conditions early on and help our patients with their health. 

How We Provide Women’s Preventative Care

Our providers at Summit Women’s and Wellness Medical Group can provide many preventative screenings and services to help our patients thrive with their health. Our women’s wellness visits include full checkups focusing on women’s preventative care, and focus on services such as disease prevention, vaccinates, screening tests, and counseling to help women make informed decisions. Scheduling a woman’s wellness exam with our physicians every each is a crucial way to help you stay healthy. These visits work to document your health habits, note your physical exam results, and help set your future health goals. 

Before your physical exam, our doctors and nurses will ask about your overall health, including your medical history, sexual activity, medication use, alcohol use, and home lifestyle habits. After documenting your current health history, our physicians will perform a physical exam. Our physicians will document your weight, height, and blood pressure throughout the exam and perform clinical breast and pelvic exams. If any problems or abnormalities are discovered during your appointment, our physicians can provide additional services, including: 

  • Gestational Diabetes Screenings: Women facing symptoms of gestational diabetes can receive screenings through blood glucose testing and insulin tests to better guide them towards a healthier pregnancy. 
  • Mammogram Screenings: In cases of abnormalities or for women at higher risk, our providers can perform mammogram screenings to test for breast cancer. 
  • Cervical Cancer Screening: Our providers can provide cervical cancer screenings for women who are at high risk or have signs of abnormalities during their pelvic exam. 
  • Osteoporosis Screening: As the risk of osteoporosis increases with age, our clinic can perform screenings for the early signs of osteoporosis through screening tests. 
  • Contraceptive Options: Our clinic can provide updates for contraception options and review those options with our patients to encourage better reproductive health. 
  • HPV Testing and Treatment: Our practice can provide HPV tests and treatment options for women showing symptoms or at higher risk of HPV. 
  • STI Diagnosis, Treatment, and Counseling: In cases of sexually transmitted infections, we can talk about your health goals and offer long-term treatment options. 

Why Choose Us For Your Preventative Care

At Summit Women’s and Wellness Medical Group, Dr. Renee Obey and her team offer over 20 years of experience treating women and providing them with the care they need most. Through our board-certified team of practitioners, we offer comprehensive women’s care and wellness services to our patients throughout the San Bernardino, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties. If you would like to schedule a women’s wellness exam or schedule your first visit with Dr. Obey, call our practice at 909-736-9091 to schedule an appointment, and we’ll be happy to provide our preventative services.