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Sexual Dysfunction

Being able to express our sexuality and experience it authentically is an essential part of overall health for women. We’ll all experience ups and downs in our enthusiasm for sexual intimacy and ability to enjoy it. However, long periods of

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Virtual Classes & Support Groups

Summit Women’s and Wellness Medical Group offers women a variety of classes to meet their physical, mental, and emotional needs. Everyone’s journey to wellness is different, so we aim to cater to changes across all life stages, focusing on exercise,

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At Summit Women’s & Wellness Medical Group, we believe every woman has the right to realize their best self. The foundation of this ideal is taking control of our overall health and ensuring that we are living well. However, how

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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is an essential innovation in approaching medicine and healthcare. The goal of functional medicine is to help the body to function at its best. This is achieved by ensuring that the body’s individual organs are working at peak

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Proper nutrition is the foundation of persistent good health. It’s also critical to managing complex health issues such as digestive disorders, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Summit Women’s And Wellness Medical Group helps our patients with nutritional consultation services

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Weight Loss

While there is a certain amount of truth to losing weight, as simple as “eat fewer calories than you burn,” that’s just the beginning. This age-old approach can be complicated by our metabolism and other details about how the human

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Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

At Summit Women’s and Wellness Medical group, we are committed to helping women restore and maintain their well-being through natural, safe hormonal solutions. When the early stages of hormonal decline arrive with menopause, bio-identical hormone therapy can rebalance hormone production

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Menopausal Care

Perimenopause and menopause are times in a woman’s life when her period stops and the ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. As a natural transition, the ovaries stop releasing eggs, and many women experience uncomfortable symptoms during their

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Preventative Care

As breast cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of mortality among women ages 20 to 59 years worldwide, preventative care and screenings are vital for catching conditions like breast cancer at early, manageable, and treatable stages. At

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Complex Family Planning

Complex family planning works to help women in medically, and surgically complex situations receive the obstetric care they need. As a unique aspect of our practice, our complex family planning subspecialists treat women through advanced levels of care to improve

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As a subspecialty, urogynecology works to study and treat pelvic floor disorders in women. At Summit Women’s and Wellness Medical Group, we provide urogynecology services to guide you through your health concerns through personalized care.  How We Provide Our Urogynecology

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At Summit Women’s and Wellness Medical Group, our providers excel at gynecologic education and support. During your time at our office, we will collaborate with you to create a comfortable, warm environment that fosters a healthy long-term relationship with your

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At Summit Women’s and Wellness Medical Group, we offer extensive prenatal education and support services throughout your term. We will collaborate with you during your time at our office to create a comfortable birth plan that works with your health